Diversified Ceramics specializes in manufacturing vitrified china for the foodservice industry that is American made, single-fired and lead-free. You can find coffee mugs, bowls, ovenware, sugar caddies, ramekins, teapots and tabletop accessories at www.diversifiedceramics.com the only place to find ceramic cookware for your restaurant, country clubs or any food service establishment.

Item No. Description
DC12A Onion Soup, 7 oz.
DC12A-LBD Laredo Drip Onion Soup, 7 oz.
DC12A-TT Two Tone Onion Soup, 7 oz.
DC12B Onion Soup, 10 oz.
DC12B-LBD Laredo Drip Onion Soup, 10 oz.
DC12B-TT Two Tone Onion Soup, 10 oz.
DC12C Onion Soup, 12 oz.
DC12C-LBD Laredo Drip Onion Soup, 12 oz.
DC13B Ramekin, Fluted, 2 oz.
DC13C Ramekin, Fluted, 3 oz.
DC13D Ramekin, Fluted, 6 oz.
DC14 Handled Soup, 10 oz.
DC14A Handled Soup, 7 oz.
DC14B Handled Soup, 9 oz.
DC15 Ranch Creamer, 4 oz.
DC17 Sauceboat, 3 oz.
DC18 Nasa Creamer, 3.5 oz
DC18A Nasa Creamer, 5.5 oz.
DC18B Nasa Creamer, Unhandled, 5.5 oz.
DC19S Salsa Dish, 4 oz.
DC20F Sugar Packet Holder, Fluted
DC20P Sugar Packet Holder
DC20S Sugar Packet Holder, Plain
DC21S Handled Skillet, 18 oz.
DC22S Handled Skillet, 22 oz.
DC23S Handled Skillet, 12 oz.
DC24 Butter Souffle, 2 oz.
DC25 Escargot, 6 Hole
DC25H Handled Escargot, 6 Hole
DC26 Handled Soup, 13 oz.
DC27 Escargot, 6 Hole
DC28 Handled Soup, 13 oz.
DC29 Salsa Dish, 5 oz.
DC30 Bowl, 5 oz.
DC30PP Bowl, Party Pack, 5 oz.
DC35 Ranch Creamer, 5.5 oz.
DC46 Handled Soup, 16 oz.
DC100 Madrid Mug, 8.5 oz.
DC100A Madrid Mug, 7 oz.
DC102 Pecos Mug, 10 oz.
DC103 Tucson Mug, 10 oz.
DC106 Balboa Mug, 8 oz.
DC107 Texan Mug, 9.5 oz.
DC108 Houston Mug, 10 oz.
DC109 Austin Mug, 8 oz.
DC110 San Antonio, 10 oz.
DC120 El Paso Mug, 9 oz.
DC122 Pacific Mug, 7.5 oz.
DC123 Beaumont Mug, 9 oz.
DC125 Stack Mug Footed, 8 oz.
DC126 Admiral Mug, 8 oz.
DC127 Stacking Espresso, 3 oz.
DC128 Espresso Saucer
DC129 Barista Espresso Cup, 3 oz.
DC130 Barista Espresso Saucer
DC132 Rouge Mug, 10 oz.
DC135 Capp, 6 oz.
DC137 Stacking Capp, 8 oz.
DC138 Capp Saucer
DC139 Barista Cappuccino Cup, 8 oz.
DC144 Latte/Soup Cup, 12 oz.
DC145 Executive Footed Mug, 9 oz.
DC146 Stacking Latte, 10 oz.
DC147 Stacking Jumbo Latte, 16 oz.
DC149 Barista Latte Cup, 12 oz.
DC150 Barista Latte Saucer
DC164 Bean Pot, 7 oz.
DC173 Sauce Boat/Butter Warmer Stand
DC174 Sauce Boat/Butter Warmer, 3 oz.
DC175 Butter Warmer, 3 oz.
DC182 Tea Pot, Lidless, 16 oz.
DC196 Sauceboat, 5 oz.
DC197 Sauceboat, 10 oz.
DC200 Carafe Creamer, 1.75 oz.
DC203 Mini Skillet
DC204 Mini Skillet
DC211 Footed Fry Pan Server, 18 oz.
DC212 Skillet
DC213 Footed Fry Pan Server, 12 oz.
DC213PP Footed Fry Pan Server, Party Pack, 12 oz.
DC216 Skillet, Cast Iron Style, 18 oz.
DC217 Skillet, Cast Iron Style, 24 oz.
DC225 Crescent Salad, 10 oz.
DC226 Crescent Salad, 12 oz.
DC261 Crescent Salad, 7 oz.
DC309 Casserole, 10 oz.
DC311 5.0 oz. Custard Cup
DC312 6.0 oz. Custard Cup
DC321 Petite Marmite, 8 oz.
DC330 Marmite, 8 oz.
DC331 Petite Marmite, 16 oz.
DC356 Square Bowl, 10 oz.
DC359 Ramekin, Square, 2 oz.
DC360 Ramekin, Square, 3 oz.
DC362 Ramekin, Plain, 2.5 oz.
DC366 Ramekin, Plain, 5 oz.
DC367 Square Plate
DC368 Square Bowl, 12 oz.
DC369 Square Bowl w/Handle, 12 oz.
DC370 Square Plate
DC371 Sculpted Flare Bowl, 14oz.
DC372 Square Bowl, 16 oz.
DC373 Asian Fusion Bowl, To Fill Line, 10 oz.
DC374 Asian Fusion Bowl, 10 oz.
DC375 Insert for DC875
DC385 Diamond Plate
DC400 Fajita Dish Insert
DC401 Fajita Dish Insert
DC412 Cocotte Dish, 5 oz.
DC413 Cocotte Dish, 8 oz.
DC415 Stacking Bowl, 10 oz.
DC417 Relish Dish, 3 Compt.
DC427 Oval Pot Pie, 12 oz.
DC431 Shirred Egg, 7 oz.
DC432 Shirred Egg, 6 oz.
DC433 Shirred Egg, 8 oz.
DC434 Shirred Egg, 12 oz.
DC435 Shirred Egg, 14 oz.
DC443 Side Dish, 4 oz.
DC453 Pasta Bake, 14 oz.
DC460 Bouillon, 7 oz.
DC498 Souffle, 8 oz.
DC499 Soup/Souffle, 12 oz.
DC500 Souffle, 12 oz.
DC501 Souffle, 16 oz.
DC502 Souffle, 20 oz.
DC503 Souffle, 32 oz.
DC505 Souffle, 48 oz.
DC508 Oval Plate, 7 1/4 oz.
DC517 Oval Baker, 12 oz.
DC518 Oval Dish, 8 oz.
DC519 Oval Dish, 12 oz.
DC524 Welsh Rarebit, 10 oz.
DC527 Welsh Rarebit, 8 oz.
DC528 Welsh Rarebit, 12 oz.
DC529 Welsh Rarebit, 15 oz.
DC530 Oval Baker, 9 oz.
DC531 Fort Pitt Baker, 10 oz.
DC532 Oval Baker, 12 oz.
DC533 Fort Pitt Baker, 7 oz.
DC534 Oval Baker, 12 oz.
DC535 Oval Baker, 16 oz.
DC536 Oval Baker, Rolled Edge, 9 oz.
DC537 Oval Baker, 8 oz.
DC537PP Oval Baker, Party Pack, 8 oz.
DC544 Oval Baker, 32 oz.
DC546 Oval Baker, 32 oz.
DC547 Fort Pitt Baker, 8 oz.
DC549 Oval Platter
DC554 Oval Baker, 64 oz.
DC588 Pot Pie, 8 oz.
DC592 Pot Pie, 14 oz.
DC593 Pot Pie, 14 oz.
DC595 Casserole, 16 oz.
DC597 Sauce Cup, 2 oz.
DC598 Creme Brulee w/Hdl, 8 oz.
DC599 Casserole, 16 oz.
DC600 Side Dish, 4 oz.
DC602 Casserole, 9 oz.
DC602PP Casserole, Party Pack, 9 oz.
DC603 Casserole, 10 oz.
DC604 Casserole, 12 oz.
DC604L Casserole Lid, Fits 604 Only
DC605 Casserole, 10 oz.
DC607 Casserole, 14 oz.
DC612 Au Gratin, 7 oz.
DC613 Au Gratin, 10 oz.
DC615 Pasta Bowl, Round, 16 oz.
DC616 Pasta Bowl, 22 oz.
DC619 Pasta Bowl, 24 oz.
DC624 Lions Head Tureen, 13 oz.
DC626 Rarebit, 4.5 oz.
DC627 Rarebit, 8 oz.
DC627PP Rarebit, Party Pack 8 oz.
DC628 Rarebit, 12 oz.
DC629 Rarebit, 15 oz.
DC630 Rarebit, 22 oz.
DC631 Tapas Dish, 8 oz.
DC632 Casserole, 16 oz.
DC635 Casserole, 24 oz.
DC640 Casserole, 32 oz.
DC645 Casserole, 32 oz.
DC692 Pot Pie, 16 oz.
DC703 Soup/Salad, 12 oz.
DC703-LBD Laredo Drip Soup/Salad, 12 oz.
DC704 Soup Bowl, 14 oz.
DC705 Pot Pie Baker, 10 oz.
DC716 Celery Dish, 6 oz.
DC720 Celery Dish, 10 oz.
DC722 2 Compartment Plate
DC723 3 Compartment Plate
DC727 Rarebit 8 oz.
DC730 1 Compartment Plate
DC740 All Purpose Bowl, 24 oz.
DC745 Pasta/Salad, 24 oz.
DC746 Onion Soup, 15 oz.
DC780 Bowl, 26 oz.
DC783 Bowl, 36 oz.
DC784 Molcajeta, 26 oz.
DC786 Molcajeta, 4 oz.
DC787 Molcajeta, 10 oz.
DC800 Buffet Tag
DC825 Creme Brulee, 4 oz.
DC834 Ramekin, Fluted, 2.75 oz.
DC834.5 Ramekin, Fluted, 4 oz.
DC835 Creme Brulee, 6 oz.
DC843 Ramekin, Fluted, 1 oz.
DC844 Ramekin, Fluted, 2 oz.
DC845 Ramekin, Fluted, 4.5 oz.
DC846 Creme Brulee, Round, 8 oz.
DC857 Creme Brulee/Quiche, 16 oz.
DC863 3 Compt. Plate
DC865 Appetizer Plate
DC872 Rectangle Plate
DC875 3 Compt. Platter
DC877 Sculpted Plate
DC878 Rectangle Plate
DC880 Rectangle Plate
DC883 Oblong Platter
DC884 Oblong Platter Insert
DC885 Rectangle Platter
DC887 Rectangle Platter
DC891 Square Plate, 4.5 oz.
DC892 Handled Square Plate
DC895 Square Plate
DC915 Pipkin, 2 oz.
DC917 Round Ramekin, 2 oz.
DC918 Round Ramekin, 3 oz.
DC920 Stacking Ramekin, Plain, 3 oz.
DC922 Ramekin, Plain, 5 oz.
DC922PP Ramekin, Plain, Party Pack, 5 oz.
DC924 Au Gratin/Pasta, 7 oz.
DC1344 Rice Bowl, 14 oz.
DC1345 Jumbo Cup, 14 oz.
DC1346 Jumbo Saucer
DC1347 Handled Soup Bowl
DCI 108 San Antonio Mug, 10 oz.
DCI 110 Houston Mug (White), 10 oz.
DCI 118 Royal Mug, 12 oz.
DCI 142 Americana Cup, 10 oz.
DCI 143 Americana Saucer
DCI 148 Latte, Stacking (Polar White), 16 oz.
DCI 495 Ramekin Fluted, 10 oz.
DCI 709 Wide Rim Bowl, 12 oz.
DCI 710 Wide Rim Bowl, 16 oz.
DCI 711 Wide Rim Bowl, 22 oz.
DCI 889 Rectangle Plate
DCI 890 Torpedo Plate
DCI 897 Square Plate
DCI 900 Chop Plate
DCI 901 Pizza Plate Round
DCI 910 Carpaccio Plate